Thursday, May 25, 2006

ISC update

It's overdue I know but I only got home yesterday afternoon. What an awesome weekend, where do I start?
We got there Friday late morning and had a briefing and lunch together. It was great to break the ice between the people that hadn't met before. I shared a room with
  • Zina
  • , what can I say, she is just so sweet. Hej Zina, thanks for not jumping into my bed. Zina doesn't like sleeping alone:) Then there were
  • Ngaire
  • and
  • Lisa
  • , so inspirational and with so much more teaching experience. But they just made me feel welcome from the start. There was a great bond and atmosphere between all the tutors. I hope we get to work together again girls! Kerrin did a fantastic job of organizing the event and made sure everything ran just smooth.
    Friday night was the Inspiration Crop sponsored by Sally from Delish Designs, beautiful products. If you haven't seen them before go and have a look at the website. Julia did a great job at runnung the crop and people generally had a good time having a drink and getting to know each other. I met Tamar and Suz from
  • Tarisota Collections.
  • Very friendly girls, loved meeting them. If you don't know about Tarisota Collections now is the time to check it out. They bring out a beautiful kit of coordinated products every month, and did I say the kits are beautiful?? I also caught up with Cheryl from
  • Aussie Scrapsource
  • , loved meeting her again.
    There were also some girls from
  • Blue Bazaar
  • that I hadn't met before, Loretta, Juanita and of course Debbie was there. Loved meeting all of you girls!
    Saturday we had classes all day and then Deborah generously invited the sponsors, tutors, class helpers and Pride staff for dinner. We had a ball.
    Sunday classes again and in the afternoon presentations and thank you's to the sponsors, class helpers and tutors.
    It was an exhausting weeking but so much fun at the same time. The friendships that we take away from these conventions are priceless. I hope I get to do another one some day. Then Sunday afternoon Steve and the kids arrived and we spent the next two days at Seaworld. It was such an adventure for the kids. On Tuesday on our way to Seaworld we ran into Jodie from Scraptacular in Melbourne. Jodie's kids and my kids had made friends the night before in Kids Club. So we ended up spending most of the day together at Seaworld and having dinner together back at the resort. It was great to meet you Jodie and we loved your and your mum's company. I will definitely come visit next time I'm in Melbourne.
    So that is the wrap up. There is so much more to tell but my head is still a bit fuzzy from it all :)
    I will share one of the classes I was teaching. It was the Scrapworks class. Hope to see all of you next time!
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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Cold, cold go away...

    It feels like I'm getting another cold. I've just had one not long ago, so I'm not impressed! ISC is on next weekend, I will have to be better by then...
    Not much to tell this week. Pretty much just the normal stuff going on.
    ISC preperations going well, I'm looking forward to going.
    I did some Urban Lily projects this week. I loved that their papers are so bright and colourful. I love colour!
    I'm hoping to get my Jenni Bowlin kit next week. Her stuff is awesome. You have to check it out. There is a link in my sidebar.
    Have a good weekend and a Happy Mothers Day!

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Just had to...

    I just had to get myself one those slide shows on my blog. I saw it at Ambers and Zina's blog. Thanks girls! :)

    My little girl..

    ...she is growing up so fast! She is not even 5 yet and she had her ears pierced this week. She was so brave and only had a little cry when it was all over. She is sooooooo proud of her pink little earrings.

    I have been doing a bit of scrapping this week, some of which I can share. I have also put the final touches on my classes for the ISC weekend. Looking forward to meeting some new people and just having a good time. Steve and the kids will also fly up to Brisbane on Sunday and we will take the kids to Seaworld and spend a couple of days at Nara Resort. Look forward to that as well. Hope you all have a good weekend!

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    New Puppy...

    Steve came home on Sunday afternoon with an 18 week old german shephard puppy. Her name is Rani and she is the cutest thing. I had to take some pics straight away and got some adorable photos with her and Romy (who was coincidentally wearing her fairy dress at the time :)

    Also finished a layout last night that only took me a couple of hours. That is really good for me, I'm not usually a speed scrapper. Having to scrap to deadlines for the past year has helped me enourmously to pick up my scrapping speed. I don't sit in front of a layout for days anymore, because really by then I'm over it and don't want to look at it anymore. By the way the layout was done with the fabulous Jenni Bowlin March Kit. You should really check out her website, there is a link on my sidebar.

    Have a good week everyone!