Wednesday, September 29, 2010

School Holidays

Sleep ins, late breakfasts, no lunches to be packed, family game nights and to top it all off we are having beautiful weather! Life doesn't get any better! I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we do :)

Pencillines Sketch 206 went live yesterday. Check out all the DT's creations here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been back from Germany for over a week, I just don't know where the time goes. Loved spending time with mum and dad but it was over all too quickly. The house was a mess when I got back but hey...I didn't have to do a thing for nearly 2 weeks so I'm not going to complain! Steve mentioned though that he was unusually tired every night while I was away, funny that:) I have cut back on work after I got back and didn't even have to fight for it. So all I can suggest to everyone out there is to leave your husband alone with the kids for a couple of weeks. They get a much better understanding of the daily routine and after school activities.

Pencillines Sketch 204 is up...I love sketches with multiple photos. The pics are a couple of years old but they show Max's affectionate nature so well. He loves hugs and kisses and it hasn't changed. I'm sure there will be a day when he doesn't want them anymore, especially in front of friends, but luckily this time hasn't come yet. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

I have some other news too...I will be a guest designer for Darkroom Door sometime in the next few months. You can see the announcement on their blog here. Congratulations to all the other talented ladies too. I can't wait to work with the products, especially the stamps!

Have a good weekend!