Thursday, August 31, 2006

some news :)

I haven't been blogging for about 3 weeks...again. Kiwiscraps has been and gone and I have been so busy doing scrapping related things. I will start teaching on Monday at a new local Scrapstore 'Remember Me when'. If you are local drop in and say hello. It is located at Dural Business Centre behind McDonals. I will tech 3 classes per week to start with. Very excited about this as I've been looking for the right store to teach for a while now.
I've also been lucky enough to be approached for the new DT for 'Addicted to Craft'. They are a Wholesaler and have just been bought by Luisa Gibson who literally lives around the corner so it's great working with people that are so close by.
They are my scrapping news that I'm pretty excited about :)
I haven't been so lucky in other regards. Let's take this morning...I walk out the door with the kids to head off to Daycare and discover that our German Shepherd pup has totally chewed Romy's bike seat (that is her new bike she just got for her birthday 6 weeks ago)! So she was devastated. Then I reverse the car out of the driveway (that is the car that we had an accident with a few weeks ago and just got back two days ago from the smash repair), the kids fighting in the back which is always very distracting, forgetting the bin is still outside from yesterday's pick up and drive into the bin with the side of the car leaving some lovely scratches :( Not happy. Steve is away for a couple of days and I can't reach him on his mobile because he is in Uluru and hasn't got reception. Nice.'
Anyway, there are worse things that could happen. I need to look at it with the 'half glas full' attitude.
And here is a little share just because...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bad blogger

Ok, I haven't been blogging very much lately. Have been struggling with a few things and just generally been feeling a bit low.
I guess we all go through these patches. I don't have any work to share either, although I'm snowed under with assignments for the next month. This is what keeps me focused on a bad day.
I did my first online class at Shop and Crop on Friday and it was more fun then I expected. I enjoy teaching in a real class environment so I expected this to be a bit different. And it was, but I still had to be focused 100% of the time. It was great fun and I hope the girls all enjoyed it. Leave me a comment if you are dropping by :)
On Tuesday we went up the Central Coast to my father-in-laws place to see Tilly. Tilly is a gorgeous little calf that was rejected by her mum and now is being bottle fed. She is adorable but wouldn't stand still for 5 seconds for me to get some decent pics :)

I'm looking forward to Crafting Connections in Sydney in a couple of weeks time. I'm planning on having a good time doing some classes on the Saturday and then staying in town overnight. Nothing to do but scrap and meet old and new friends. Can't wait! I will share one LO that is in the latest FK. It was done totally digital. Loved playing around in Photoshop.

Thank you Amelia, Nic, Zina and Ngaire for leaving a comment on my last blog. We have all recovered from the incident :)
Talk soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One second...

...and the world could have changed for us on Saturday. We were on our way to drop the kids off for a sleep over. There was a small car coming towards us. Everyone was travelling normal speed. Then a young guy came out of a side street with his ute, he wasn't looking ahead, he was looking down. And then he drove straight into the car on the other side of the road and pushed it into our car. It all happened so fast. Thankfully nobody got hurt. Our car is a write off and so is the other car that got pushed into our car. The Ute is fine and the driver said his shoe laces were caught in the gas pedal. When we looked at the car afterwards we were just amazed that nobody got hurt. It made me think how quickly our life could have changed. It only takes a few seconds. I'm still feeling a bit shaken here and just grateful that we were all ok.