Monday, October 01, 2007

Catching up...

I can't believe my last post was a month ago! It is amazing how quick time flies and just how busy we are at the moment. Last month we were heading off to the snow and I must say it was fantastic! I was really worried the kids wouldn't like it and chuck a wobbly after the first day but it really was a great family holiday. Romy and Max were skiing all over the mountain with us after 4 days. It just shows how quickly kids learn new skills. Coming back from the snow I had about 5 days to catch up on work and then I was off again to Germany, this time on my own. Catching up with family is so important to me and I try to fly home once a year. Saying goodbye wasn't so bad this time either since I knew mum and dad are coming to Australia in January. Not long to go:) While I was in Germany Steve took the kids to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs to visit his sister. What an adventure for the kids!!
On his way back Steve missed his flight and had to pay a fortune to get him and the kids home on another flight. And this is where our misfortune in terms of travelling started! On Wednesday I got back from Germany and Steve said "Guess what...? We are going to Thailand on Monday!" Right, not exactly what I want to hear when I just got of a plane travelling for the last 24 hours! But today we were on our way to the Airport again. And guess what...Romy's passport had expired! So home we went again since there was nothing we could do on a Public Holiday. Tomorrow we are off to get her passport renewed and hopefully we will then catch our re-booked flight at 9pm. Wish us luck!
Last but not least...I have put up a new
  • Limited Edition Kit
  • on the website. Well worth checking out:) Here is a little sneak peek at the
  • Gallery

  • I think this is the longest blog entry I ever wrote. Well done if you are still reading:)

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