Saturday, April 30, 2011

Arrived in Germany

I have arrived a couple of days ago in Germany after a long flight and my body clock is slowly adjusting. It is great to see my parents and spend some time together. We don't see each other as often as I would like and sometimes I miss having them nearby. I would like to just pop over for a cup of coffee and say hello but that is not possible. So the time spent together is extra precious. It is difficult for the kids to not have me around for two weeks but they are getting older and handling it better every time, they have grown up with me leaving once or twice a year.
A tip for people traveling through Singapore Airport with a couple of hours to spare between flights...Massage parlors with Foot and Neck massages on offer are a great way to kill time and to relax between flights to get those tired bodies rejuvenated!

I will leave with a Layout that was done for a Feature on Filter Flowers for the Fancy Blog...check out what all the other girls have done with the versatile Filters!

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lisa said...

Beautiful LO.
Hope you are having a lovely time with your parents x