Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Limited Edition Kit is up!

Here it is...
You can read all about the contents of the Kit on the
  • Designing Memories website!

  • This is one of the LO's done from the Kit.
    Andrea Senn is our Guest Designer for the Limited Edition and has done a fabulous job with the Kit. You can see all of her work
  • here.

  • On to other things...Kiwiscraps was so much fun last weekend. I can truly say that I enjoyed every single class! I will post some pics soon when I get a chance to take some photos of the projects. The fun continued well into the night for some people and I'm still deliberating what an appropriate amount would be to offer to have some pictures disappear. Fee, can you help :) ??

    Have a good week.


    Mardi said...

    Wow Katja...gorgeous...so different..Ive never seen some of these products before....love the layouts that Andrea and yourself have created.

    Fee said...

    Katja, I can definately help with some great pics! LOL

    Seriously, it was lovely to meet you, & I too enjoyed every minute of the weekend. Hope to do it all again in November!

    P.S. I did a LO with *some* of the Freestyle pics ;-) It's up at www.karensscrappin.com.au under DT layouts.