Monday, May 14, 2007

June Kits are up...

...and they are 'delicious' :))

Head over to the
  • website
  • and have a look at the wonderful work Michelle Vass and Clair Bremner have created with the June Kit. I will also get some images from Stephanie Howell, our other Guest Designer for this month. She is just busy moving house at the moment. I suppose that is slightly more important :)
    Drop me a line and let me know if you like the Kit.
    PS: The 'Enlarge' link on the homepage should work tomorrow morning. It shows the May Kit at the moment, I'm hoping my web guys will change it first thing tomorrow.


    stephaniehowell said...

    katja, i'm so sorry.
    i wish i didn't have to wait for it to be forwarded.
    i feel horrible.
    i'm doing this TODAY!

    Si Alem said...

    Hi! Do you sell these kits?
    Do you send to Brasil?
    Please write for me: