Tuesday, July 22, 2008

School holidays are over and once again we are rushing around in the mornings, some things don't change :)
Steve went on a trail bike ride during the holidays somewhere up in the desert and managed to fracture his ankle and tear some ligaments in his knee as well as get a 10 cm long blood clot in his calf. He had to ride his bike with a broken ankle for 300km's to the next medical station. Ouch!! The last few days were spent at doctors and hospitals getting xRays and MRI's done. Tomorrow he will get operated on to put some screws in his ankle. I'm almost a qualified nurse by now :)
To cheer myself up I have booked myself into a
  • digital course by Jessica Sprague
  • that I wanted to do for a long time. Think I will get the time? I will take the time! Looking really forward to learning some new stuff.
    Also the new
  • August Kit
  • is up on the site now.
    And if you like the look of these new Chatterbox products go
  • here

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