Saturday, June 26, 2010

School Reports

School Reports came home yesterday and I can really say I'm proud of my kids and how well they are doing. Romy achieved high marks in maths and english and the report showed she always puts great effort in her work. She is a very meticulous child (not sure where she gets it from but I would say probably me:). Max also achieved good grades but we need to work on his concentration and time management which we already know. He had a new teacher starting in Term 2 and I'm really glad that he has warmed to her. She is a lovely teacher and after his rather difficult first term with a teacher that was strict and not very warm he is now much happier. He responds much better to kindness.
A few weeks ago I went to Ikea to overhaul the kids bedrooms. Max got a bunk bed and a desk and Romy also got a desk. The bed she chose was out of stock and she will have to wait a little for her trundle. She did have a great time organizing all her bits and pieces in her new corner desk. Gotta love IKEA!!
This weekend will be a quiet one in our house and I'm intending to make a couple of sets of cards. A new one for me but I'm constantly inspired by this talented artist and will finally have a go at making some cards. I will share them in my next post...Have a great weekend!

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