Sunday, July 04, 2010

West Side Story

Yesterday we all went to see 'West Side Story', what a fantastic production! It was amazing and exciting to see how much the kids enjoyed it. I thought Max might get bored half way through or he may be to young for this kind of experience, but I had no reason to feel this way. I kept on sneaking little side glances at the kids during the performance, they were totally absorbed in the story, the singing and the dancing. Admittedly we had fantastic seats...3rd row from the front, so we were able to see everything up close. I'll definitely take them again in the future.

Last Sunday we also finished up Romy's birthday invites which turned into a bit of a production. We spent all afternoon together, me stamping and heat embossing and Romy stamping little butterflies and inking the embossed backgrounds. She learned some new things and I enjoyed doing crafty things together! Tim Holtz watch out!

School holidays have now started and some of the activities on our list are ice skating, movies (Eclipse is a must!) and probably some mother and daughter shopping. Max has already organized his social life for the holidays, he needs playmates or he just gets bored. I will enjoy the sleep ins most :)

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