Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One second...

...and the world could have changed for us on Saturday. We were on our way to drop the kids off for a sleep over. There was a small car coming towards us. Everyone was travelling normal speed. Then a young guy came out of a side street with his ute, he wasn't looking ahead, he was looking down. And then he drove straight into the car on the other side of the road and pushed it into our car. It all happened so fast. Thankfully nobody got hurt. Our car is a write off and so is the other car that got pushed into our car. The Ute is fine and the driver said his shoe laces were caught in the gas pedal. When we looked at the car afterwards we were just amazed that nobody got hurt. It made me think how quickly our life could have changed. It only takes a few seconds. I'm still feeling a bit shaken here and just grateful that we were all ok.


Amelia said...

Oh good grief! Hope you get the shakes out of your system soon - you don't want to have them every time you get in the car. You know where we are if you need to have a chat.


PS Yep, I swing by here every now and again just to check up on how things are going!!

gEorGe said...

hey there!
i'm so glad your all ok!
i've just linked your blog to mine, hope thats ok!
Loved looking at all your works
Z :)

nic said...

OMG Katja! I am so glad you are all OK as well! whoa!


Ngaire said...

OOOOH Sweetie!! So glad that you and your darlings are all ok.


Anonymous said...

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