Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bad blogger

Ok, I haven't been blogging very much lately. Have been struggling with a few things and just generally been feeling a bit low.
I guess we all go through these patches. I don't have any work to share either, although I'm snowed under with assignments for the next month. This is what keeps me focused on a bad day.
I did my first online class at Shop and Crop on Friday and it was more fun then I expected. I enjoy teaching in a real class environment so I expected this to be a bit different. And it was, but I still had to be focused 100% of the time. It was great fun and I hope the girls all enjoyed it. Leave me a comment if you are dropping by :)
On Tuesday we went up the Central Coast to my father-in-laws place to see Tilly. Tilly is a gorgeous little calf that was rejected by her mum and now is being bottle fed. She is adorable but wouldn't stand still for 5 seconds for me to get some decent pics :)

I'm looking forward to Crafting Connections in Sydney in a couple of weeks time. I'm planning on having a good time doing some classes on the Saturday and then staying in town overnight. Nothing to do but scrap and meet old and new friends. Can't wait! I will share one LO that is in the latest FK. It was done totally digital. Loved playing around in Photoshop.

Thank you Amelia, Nic, Zina and Ngaire for leaving a comment on my last blog. We have all recovered from the incident :)
Talk soon.


Natalie said...

Sorry to hear you arent too happy ATM. Chin up, and I look forward to seeing some more LOs on your blog. Take Care

Ngaire said...

Hi Sweetie..
I had to smile.. cos I have been blogging about not feeling that Up and with it.., as well.
must be the winter cool.. spring is soon here, and lets hope we both feel better with it.,:)

Love to you

suz said...

oh haven't popped by in ages - you do sound down - i hope the blues go away soon... and omg about the car accident - does happen so fast hey. thank goodness everyone's ok. i know how easy it is to go driving yourself mad with what if's.
and happy birthday to that beautiful girl of yours - has she seen phoebe's pink bedroom yet?! lol
take care - see you next week i guess!!!

KimmyS said...

What a fabulous LO!!! I love it