Thursday, March 30, 2006

New FK...

I've seen it at the Newsagent but haven't got my copy yet. Hopefully will get it tomorrow. Here are my two layouts in this months issue. You know when you do a layout and then you look at it six months later and you think...hmm I would probably do it differently now. That happens to me very frequently. lol. This month I'm looking at my layouts and I still like them. That's good right?
Things are finally calming down a bit...the book is done and also the calendar is wrapped up. Now it's back to monthly assignments and the occasional article. Which leaves me some time to play! So I've nearly finished my first layout for the CherryArte DT contest. Yes I will have to be in it to win it right? I never thought I would be part of the ET Team but you just never know. So who else is going to give it a try?
Also thanks to everyone that left comments on my blog. It doesn't feel so lonely in 'blog world' anymore :)

And here is a funny story before I go...A couple of days ago my husband Steve and his ex-wife had to go to a parent-teacher meeting at their daughters school so I agreed to babysit her 2 youngest ones (3years and 9 months old girls). The 3 year old was fine, she is very familiar with my children, but the baby cried for the entire 2 hours...I then told my husband in no uncertain terms that I would not be available to babysit the youngest one again. He was very apologetic and said the reason he arranged it was because he thought I might get clucky again. rofl. Well that backfired big time :)))

Have a good day!


kathie said...

:) nothing like a baby crying endlessly to put you off having any more. It's a good thing that they grow out of it.

You did the tag! I didn't know if you would. Some people don't like doing them. I loved reading your tag answers.

My 6mo stint with FK is over and I can't believe how fast it went. I am so not surprised that you got on the ET. I love your work! Goodluck with the Cherry Arte comp. I looked at their stuff, but it's a bit too floral and girly and I only have boys to scrap. Shame.


Lydell Quin said...

Hi Katja,
Was just on Stephs blog, (we work together at our LSS) I have heard her talk about you and thought I would come by and say hi.
Love looking at your LO's here on your blog. Wish you all the best for the Cherry Art Comp.

Donna said...

Hey Katja...found you through Steph. Remind me to thank her for the link - your work is just BEAUTIFUL! These are gorgeous lo's. Love them both.

NicW said...

Hey Kataja ..
I have to say that I too loved your layouts in this months FK.. the journalling on "patchwork Family" was raw, real and honest and i loved it!! thanks for sharing with us all..
Same as Kathie my 6mths with FK is over, totally loved being part of the team!!.. I can't wait to see this book that you ETers keep talking about..!!
Best of luck with the Cherry Arte DT!!

Alison Shearer said...

Hi Katja - nice to meet you in person at Ks class on Sunday. Welcome to blog land . I will link you on my blog and I promise to pop in regularly. I love your work.


Marie said...

Good luck with the Cherry Arte dt, Katja, and welcome to blogland.