Friday, March 24, 2006

Technology ?$**()_^^&$#

Yesterday my scanner was working fine. This morning my computer told me it wasn't there!?? What is it with technology?
Anyway, I got it working again, just re-installed the driver.
Had a day of just playing around yesterday. Didn't work on any assignments, just did what I wanted to do. It felt good for a change. But then I couldn't live without the briefs and deadlines either :))
This layout was created with the Jenni Bowlin March Kit. Love her stuff!
Have a good day!


kathie said...

Hi Katja! It's great that you're blogging. I loved looking through your layouts - love the Bugs one!
Doesn't technology suck when it goes wrong? I live in fear of something not working, because I don't have a clue. Luckily, DH does :)
Til next time!

kate mason said...

Hi Katja! Welcome to blogging - careful, you will find this addictive & then completely slacken off off like me ;o] I have really REALLY been loving your work in For Keeps - so refreshing! Will catch you around! Kate xo