Thursday, March 16, 2006


Bought myself a Wacom tablet today on eBay! Can't wait to start playing around.
Also went to Bunnings today to get some storage boxes for the kids rooms and play area. It is a real sense of achievement to de-clutter and get rid of some stuff they don't use anymore. The playroom just looks real neat now. Probably only lasts for a couple of hours until the the kids have it destroyed again but it sure looks good right now :)
Should do some scrapbooking. Have got some assignments due. Better go :)

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Keisha said...

I just mentioned it to my hubby one day...and now he WANTS me to have one, lol...but I think it may be too much $$$ for me to just let sit around...because I know that's what I would do with it!!! I hope you have tons of fun with yours!!